Central's Shepherd Leaders

Central's Shepherd Leaders

Jesus Christ is the foundation of His church (I Cor. 3:11) and the Central congregation strives to be followers of Christ as the Chief Shepherd. (I Pet. 5:4)

Our local servant-leaders are godly men who are dedicated to helping each one of us to be more like Jesus each day.

Our Shepherds‚Äč         



Our Preachers 

Jody Broyles  began working with Central in December of 2007. He is a careful student of the  Word and thoroughly enjoys teaching  Bible classes  and preaching.  He graduated from Southern Christian University with a degree in  Biblical Studies.  He and his wife, Melisa, have made numerous trips to Barbados to do mission work and vacation Bible school for the children.  They have three adult sons and seven grandchildren.  


Wayne Yancey is retired from the Marion County School Board as a high school teacher and baseball coach. Wayne and Trudy have ten adult children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren!  He preaches periodically and also  serves as one of our overseers.