Supported Preachers

Supported Preachers

Jesus was a preacher – one who spoke boldly about the good news from God.  Jesus is that good news and He spoke by direct authority from His Father.  Evangelists today speak the same good news from the authoritative Bible record that the Holy Spirit provided for our comfort and salvation.

Preaching is designed to storm our wills, to touch our hearts, to bring us to Christ. We are thankful there are men willing to "Preach the season and out of season (2 Tim. 4:2). So when our elders at Central find qualified preachers, efforts are made to provide support to them.  God encourages Christians to be generous along these lines and almost 60 percent of Central’s contributions are used for evangelism.

Central's members help the following evangelists preach and teach to audiences numbering about 50,000 each year:


(Ocala, Florida) Jody Broyles,  Wayne Yancey, Colin Williamson.

(Middleburg, Florida and area prisons) Daryl Townsend

(Guntur) E. Rathnam
(Nambiyur)  D. John David
(Mominpet) G. Anjaiah

(Manila) Jim Puterbaugh